What to eat in Dubai? 2024

United Arab Emirates
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Al Harees

Al Harees is one of the most traditional foods in Dubai. This popular local dish is a combination of wheat, meat and just a pinch of salt, prepared to a porridge like consistency. It is generally served Ramadan, Eid, wedding and special occasions.


Luqaimat is a popular dessert in Arab countries. Dumplings are not sweet therefore honey, date or regular syrup is poured on top of it. Luqaimat is usually made in the month of Ramadan and consumed during iftar.


Manousheh is popular a Levantine food. It is similar to pizza. It is consist of dough topped with cheese or ground meat. Manousheh is sliced or folded and generally eaten as breakfast.


Fatteh is a class of southern Levantine dishes. It is consist of toasted bread topped with yoghurt, chickpeas, olive oil. Sometimes it can be added eggplant and chicken.


Machboos is one of the most popular Emirati dishes. It consists of rice, onions, spices, dried lemon and can be made with chicken, lamb, or seafood.


Knafeh is a one of popular dessert in Middle East. It is made with dough, cheese and sugar syrup and served immediately after being made.


Dates are very healthy food. The one-fifth of the world's harvest of these fruits is grown Arab deserts. In addition, Arabs invented hundreds of ways to prepare them. They are stuffed nuts, hazelnut or glazed chocolate, honey. Also good choice for gift!


Tabbouleh are great dish for vegans also! It contains of bulgur, tomatoes, cucumbers, finely chopped parsley, mint, onion. It is delicious, healthy and satisfying.

Camel Meat

Camel meat that be traditional food in emirates is usually served wedding or special occasions. Also it is expensive. Camel meat is served in various different ways. Even it is found camel burger in restaurants. You can choose that one because of cheaper.