What to eat in Firuze restaurant?

Baku / Azerbaijan

List of best foods to in Firuze restaurant - Baku

Lyulya or Lule Kebab
#1 Lyulya or Lule Kebab

It is made from minced meat. It typically consists of ground lamb combined with finely chopped onions. The mixture is seasoned with salt and black pepper, then skewered and grilled. It is generally served lavash and grill tomato.

Price: ~ 8.5 AZN
#2 Dolma

There are more than 25 varieties of this dish. Stuffed vine leaves are one of the most popular types of dolma. Dolmas are traditionally stuffed with ground lamb and/or beef, rice, onions, and herbs. It is served with yoghurt.

Tike Kebab
#3 Tike Kebab

Tike kebab generally is made of lamb. It is cooked on a large coal barbecue and served with onion and tomato.

#4 Plov

Plov is a traditional food in Azerbaijan. There are a lot of kind plov recipe in Azerbaijan cuisine. Saffron is used definitely. Also it cooked with meat, dried fruit, chestnut and herbs.