What to eat in Restaurant Schønnemann?

Copenhagen / Denmark

List of best foods to in Restaurant Schønnemann - Copenhagen

#1 Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is a traditional open-faced sandwich. It consists of a slice of rye bread, seafood or meat, vegetables and sauce on top.

#2 Frikadeller

Frikadeller is a Danish version of meatballs. Traditionally, they are made from minced veal, pork or beef, chopped onions, egg, milk (or water), bread crumbs, salt and pepper. They’re usually fried with butter.

Price: ~ 129 DKK
#3 Fiskefrikadeller

Fiskefrikadeller is a Danish fish cake. It is made with white fish, onion, parsley, lemon, salt and pepper.

Price: ~ 119 DKK