What to eat in Amsterdam? 2024

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Dutch Cheese

The cheese industry has a turnover of around 7 billion euros per year in Netherlands. There are a lot of different types of cheese. Gouda and edam are the most popular. Gouda has six types as dependent on the age of the cheese.Jong Belegen is my favorite!

Dutch fries

The most popular snack in Amsterdam is fries in cone paper. You should try this with toppings mayonnaise and raw onion. Curry or cheese sauce is also very nice.


Stroopwafel is a cookie that is traditional in Netherlands. These are made with two thin crispy waffles, filled and glued together with a special caramel syrup. You can eat after let soften with steam that put your waffle on top of coffee or tea mug.


Bitterballen is basically mini kroket. It is typically containing a mixture of beef or veal, beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper, resulting in a thick roux. These great snacks are served with mustard.

Raw Herring

Raw Herring is a small fish that is very popular among Dutch people. It is sold at fish stand in the street and served on plate or bread with onions and pickles.


Kibbeling is a popular Dutch snack consisting of battered chunks of fish, commonly served with a mayonnaise-based garlic sauce or tartar sauce.

Apple Pie

Warm apple pie with coffee are a classic in the Netherlands. The traditional appeltaart are flavored with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice.


Oliebollen are traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve.The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder. Generally there are two types: With raisins or pure. Oliebollen are typically served topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.


Poffertjes that are dutch mini pancakes typically served with powdered sugar. They are particularly popular as a street food during holidays and summer festival.

Broodje Hagelslag

By Jim van Eijk | 10.01.2019
Hagelslag is a traditional Dutch food. It is small sprinkles, often made of chocolate. It is often eaten on bread or sandwich between two pieces of bread. Also it can be added thin layer butter before sprinkling them on. You can buy it from Albert Heijn and spread it on bread with butter.


Lekkerbek is a typical Dutch food. It is similar to Kibbeling but it’s bigger fillet instead of the little chunks.


Basically it is a combination of: fries, donner kebab, cheese, salad with garlic sauce.