What to eat in Barcelona? 2024

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Pà amb tomàquet

By Hülya Aydemir | 06.01.2019
It is one of the most traditional, simple and famous dishes of Catalan dish.It’s fundamentally bread-rubbed with garlic and the juice of a tomato and prepared with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Some places serve the ingredients so you can make it yourself.


By Ana Larrea | 10.01.2019
Paella is actually a typical Valencian dish. The traditional recipee doesn't have any seafood or the usual yellowish colour we are used to seen in touristic restaurants. Do not trust a paella restaurant where the menu has an english translation.


By Hülya Aydemir | 05.01.2019
The escalivada is one of the most representational local starters in Barcelona. It is made of mixture of eggplant, onions and red peppers grilled in the oven then served with toasted bread lashing of olive oil and salt and anchovies.

Crema Catalana

By Hülya Aydemir | 06.01.2019
Crema Catalana is a most well known pastry in Barcelona that prepared with a rich vanilla custard is made out of a soft cream produced using egg yolks that is covered with a caramelized sugar coat to includes a crunchy contrast.

La Bombas

By Hülya Aydemir | 05.01.2019
It's a tennis ball-sized squashed potato balls stuffed with ground pork, covered in bread scraps, and fried like a doughnut. Presented with two distinct sauces on top: salsa brava (spicy, with onion and paprika) and aioli (creamy, with garlic and lemon.

Esqueixada (“Catalan Ceviche”)

By Hülya Aydemir | 06.01.2019
Esqueixada is basically a light salad that is prepared with shredded bacalao (salt Cod) (“esqueixar” means “to shred” in Catalan), tomato, olive, onion, roasted pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt.

Mel i mató

By Hülya Aydemir | 06.01.2019
Mel i mató is a local dessert which is basic ingredient is mató, a kind of fresh cheese (a lot like ricotta) of medieval origin made with goat’s or sheep’s milk. It is generally presented with honey and walnuts.


By Hülya Aydemir | 06.01.2019
The calçot is a sort of green onion that is local to the area of Catalonia.These sweet onions are cooked straightforwardly on the fire until the external layer is burnt, presented with romesco sauce, that made with hazelnuts, almonds, and red peppers.


By Hülya Aydemir | 06.01.2019
Fricandó is a stew of veal filets that are delicately cooked in a sauce prepared with mushrooms and vegetables, finished with a cleaved garlic, almonds and parsley. It is normally served with yellow rice and mushrooms.