What to eat in Batumi? 2024

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Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. The filling most commonly contains sulguni cheese and egg.


Khinkali is a Georgian dumpling. The filling consist of minced meat (lamb or beef and pork mixed), onions, pepper, salt and cumin.


Sulguni is a brined Georgian cheese from the Samegrelo region. Sulguni is usually served as fried.


Badrijani is made with fried eggplant stuffed with spiced walnut and garlic paste. It is often served with pomegranate.


Lobio is a bean stew. It is made with beans, coriander, walnut, garlic and onion. It can be served as cold or hot.


Chashushuli is a Georgina beef stew with tomato and spices. It s often consumed with a loaf of Georgian bread shoti.


Mtsvad is grilled meat marinated in pomegranate, black pepper and onion. It can be prepared with pork or veal.

Megrelian Khachapuri

Megrelian Khachapuri is a filled bread with melting cheese. It is similar to pizza.