What to eat in Lisbon? 2024

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Francesinha is a sandwich containing sausage, ham and steak. It is covered with cheese and garnished with a sauce which made of tomato and chili. It is served with above fried egg and chips.


Petiscos is a delicious snacks. It is similar to Spanish tapas. You should try with a beer or a glass of wine at a bar. The petiscos menu varies from bar to bar.

Pastéis de nata

By Hülya Aydemir | 16.01.2019
Pasteis de Nata is golden puff pastry circle with a barely firm rich egg custard in the middle. The recipe is secret and only three people in the world ,in the Clarinha family, know it! It’s sold at Pasteis de Belem which is centuries old.


By Hülya Aydemir | 16.01.2019
Bifana is one of the most popular street snacks in Portugal. That is contains thin slices of pork which is marinated in white wine and a lot of garlic, then fried and served in a soft bun.

Chicken Piri Piri

Chicken Piri Piri is a grilled chicken to flavored with Piri Piri peppers which come from in South Africa. It is served as a huge portion with fries. The Portuguese don't eat a lot of spicy food so they can be presented a bottle of spice sauce separately.

Rice with Sea Food

The seafood is always fresh and healthy. The Portuguese are often consume that great foods. This dish is similar to paella. It is made with shrimps, octopus, clams and other sea food, vegetables herbs and rice.

Bacalhau à Brás

Bacalhau à Brás is made with salt cod, onions, thinly chopped fries and scrambled eggs. It is usually garnished with olives and fresh parsley. It is one of the most famous Portuguese dishes.


Sardines is very important for Portuguese cuisine. It is a summer dish. Sardines are served grilled and eaten on thick slices of sourdough bread with roasted bell peppers.


By Hülya Aydemir | 16.01.2019
Bacalhau, is dried salted codfish.There are many ways to prepare bacalhau and one of the most local way is ‘Bacalhau à Braz’ served with scrambled eggs with olives and fried potatoes. Also you can try ‘pastéis de bacalhau’ which is deep-fried fishcake.