What to eat in Skopje? 2024

Suggest Food

Shopska Salata

It’s a pretty basic salad. It is a made of cucumber and tomatoes. As addition to the crucial two components it is added cheese, olives, olive oil, salt. It can be suitable for vegetarians as well.

Polneti Piperki

Polneti Piperki or filled paprika, are either red or green peppers which have their top cut off and afterwards they are filled with rice and meat. After this is done, the filled paprikas are baked in oven. It can be made a vegetarian version of filled paprika with rice and mushrooms.


It is slices of mix meat that are prepared on grill with onion and severed with bread on grill with spices.


Мусака / moussaka is sliced potatoes with ground beef meat all of it seasoned with salt, pepper, sun – dried tomatoes, red pepper and topped with egg crust. This dish is baked in oven


Burek is traditional pastry from the Ottoman cuisine. It’s very commonly used in all Balkan countries as well. Burek / Бурек is a baked pastries in wooden oven. The wooden oven baking gives a special magical taste to the pastry. It is made of filo dough. It can be filled with cheese, cabbage or meat. All Balkan countries has different yet similar version of Burek / Бурек. It is usually eaten for breakfast with glass of Yogurt.

Potatoes Soup

It is a traditional soup made out of boiled potatoes and mixture of spices. It is served with baked grilled bread. It’s very refreshing. Suitable if you like your nutrients in liquid form.


By Ljupcho Naumov | 07.02.2019
Light dessert of turkish origin. Fluffy, milky base topped off with caramel.


It is a salad made out of cucumber and sour cream. Mixed with olive oil and salt. Garlic is by choice. It is suitable for vegetarians as well.

Gravche Tavche

Gravche Tavche or Baked Beans is one of the most popular main dishes. It is made out of beans which are seasoned with red dry pepper, onion, oil, salt. This mixture is baked in pan and the meal is usually severed with baked bread.


Baklava is traditional dessert from the Ottoman cuisine. It is commonly used as traditional desert in Skopje as well. Baklava is sweet pastry, made out of filo dough layers filled in between with walnuts or hazelnuts. After baking , syrup which may include honey, rosewater or orange flower water is poured over the cooked baklava and is allowed to soak in. It is usually served on room temperature.