What to eat in Sofia? 2024

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Tarator is cold yoghurt soup. It is fresh and refreshing so especially it is perfect for the summer. Tarator is made with yoghurt, fresh cucumber, dill, garlic, walnut and water.


Rakia is the collective term for fruit brandy popular in the Balkans. Bulgarians use grapes, plums, berries and more to make this fruity brandy and usually make their own Rakia at home. The alcohol content of rakia is very high. It is around 40%.

Meshana Skara

Meshana Skara is a combination of grilled meat. It generally include meatball, kebabche , pork steak, shishche (skewer) and karnache (Italian sausage). It is recommended to pair this dish with rakı.


Moussaka comes from Ottoman Empire to Bulgaria. It is made with potatoes, ground meat, and tomatoes then it is topped with a white sauce and baked. It is perfect with yoghurt.

Shkembe Chorba

The shkembe chorba is a traditional Bulgarian soup made from tripe. This soup is made with minced tripe, paprika and milk. It is also a great hangover cure!

Shopska Salata

Shopska Salata is basic, healthy and fresh. It is made with tomato, onion, cucumber and peppers. The special ingredient is Sirene, a Bulgarian white cheese.


Banitsa is very popular cheese pie in Bulgaria. It is made with pastry sheets with a filling of cheese, eggs and yoghurt. You can also see other variations as like spinach or pumpkin.


Tikvenik is an Bulgarian pumpkin pie. The pastry is filled with pumpkin puree, brown sugar, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and even some orange zest.


Kebapche is a Bulgarian dish of grilled minced meat with spices. It is rolled into a long sausage-like roll. Typically, a mix of pork and beef is used, although some recipes involve only pork. Kebapche is a grilled food. It is never fried or baked. It is served with grated sirene cheese.