What to eat in Baku? 2024

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Plov is a traditional food in Azerbaijan. There are a lot of kind plov recipe in Azerbaijan cuisine. Saffron is used definitely. Also it cooked with meat, dried fruit, chestnut and herbs.

Lyulya or Lule Kebab

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
It is made from minced meat. It typically consists of ground lamb combined with finely chopped onions. The mixture is seasoned with salt and black pepper, then skewered and grilled. It is generally served lavash and grill tomato.

Şuba Salad

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Şuba meaning is fur coat in russian. Dressed herring, colloquially known as herring under a fur coat, is a layered salad composed of diced pickled herring covered with layers of grated boiled vegetables, chopped onions, and mayonnaise.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
There are more than 25 varieties of this dish. Stuffed vine leaves are one of the most popular types of dolma. Dolmas are traditionally stuffed with ground lamb and/or beef, rice, onions, and herbs. It is served with yoghurt.

Tike Kebab

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Tike kebab generally is made of lamb. It is cooked on a large coal barbecue and served with onion and tomato.

Şor Qoğal

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
It is a traditional bakery which prepared during Nevruz holiday in Azerbaijan. Ingredients are saffron, fennel, cumin, butter and flour.

Tea and Jam

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Tea is very important for Azerbaijan culture. It is generally served with jam. You can see many kinds of jam. Especially feijoa and walnut should be tried.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Qutab is made by creating a stiff dough from flour, water, eggs, and salt. The dough can be filled with meat, cheese, potato or herbs. Qutab is usually served with yoghurt with green coriander, fennel and sumac.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Also known as ‘Baklava’ world-wide, Pakhlava is consisting of layers of dough, stuffed with nuts and coated with syrup.

Küftə Bozbaş

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
It is traditional Azerbaijani soup. It is made with meatball, potato, chickpea, dried plum.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
The main ingredient in Badambura is almond. We can name that as "almond pie " Badambura is usually prepared for spring holiday (nevruz).


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Dovga is a very healthy soup. It is including yoghurt, rice, egg and herbs. This soup is good choose for vegetarians. It can be served cold or hot.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Shekerbura is generally eaten in Baku at the Novruz spring holiday. It is filled with ground almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts, and sugar.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Levengi is a national dish of Azerbaijan cuisine. It is a chicken stuffed with walnuts, onions and various condiments and baked in the oven.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
It is the traditional Azerbaijani lasagna-type dish. Typically it is served with yoghurt, minced meat on dough pieces.

Paytaxt Salati

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Paytaxt Salati is a traditional salad dish in Russian cuisine. it is usually made with diced boiled potatoes, carrots, brined dill pickles, green peas, eggs, celeriac, onions, diced boiled chicken (sometimes ham), with salt, pepper and mayonnaise.


Khash is a purist meal with great parsimony in ingredients. The feet are depilated, cleaned, kept in cold water in order to get rid of bad smell, and boiled in water all night long


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Dushbara is most favorite and popular Azerbaijani dish. This dish is small balls of stuffed dough served in a lamb broth. Typical fillings include minced meat, tomatoes and onions served with dried mint and garlic.

Şəki Halvası

It is a dessert belonging to Şeki city in Azerbaijan. The dessert preparation is difficult and interesting. It is made rice flour, hazelnut or walnut, saffron and sugar.

3 Bacı Dolması

By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
The filling is prepared from minced meat, rice and herbs. In spring it is made of vine leaves, in summer it is made of aubergines and tomatoes, in autumn it is made of cabbage leaves, apple and quince, in winter it is made of preserved vine leaves.


By Farid Movsumov | 11.12.2018
Piti is a popular soup in Azerbaijan local cuisine. The main ingredients are mutton, tail fat, chickpeas, potato, onions, dried alycha and saffron.


The feijoa is a exotic fruit that come from Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. They are also grown Azerbaijan. Feijoa is used as an ingredient in puddings, pies, teas, juices and jams. Especially Feijoa jam (Feyxoa Mürəbbəsi) is common and popular. You should try it with a cup of tea while in Baku.