List of best foods to in Macedonian House - Skopje

Potatoes Soup
#1 Potatoes Soup

It is a traditional soup made out of boiled potatoes and mixture of spices. It is served with baked grilled bread. It’s very refreshing. Suitable if you like your nutrients in liquid form.

#2 Moussaka

Мусака / moussaka is sliced potatoes with ground beef meat all of it seasoned with salt, pepper, sun – dried tomatoes, red pepper and topped with egg crust. This dish is baked in oven

Polneti Piperki
#3 Polneti Piperki

Polneti Piperki or filled paprika, are either red or green peppers which have their top cut off and afterwards they are filled with rice and meat. After this is done, the filled paprikas are baked in oven. It can be made a vegetarian version of filled paprika with rice and mushrooms.